Seattle punk rockers Dragged Under will be releasing a deluxe version of their debut album The World Is In Your Way, with two bonus tracks - 'Just Like Me' and 'Feel It' - via their new home Mascot Records, on 13th November.

The album will be released digitally as well as on CD and limited edition clear base/green splatter LP for the first time. The LP will include a paint by numbers insert of the cover art. Ahead of this, they have revealed the official video for 'Just Like Me,' which you can watch here https://youtu.be/b37Gvny-h5g

Tony Cappocchi [vocals], Ryan Bruce [guitar], Sean Rosario [guitar], Hans Hessburg [bass], and Kalen Anderson [drums] strike an elusive balance between thrashed-up punk, pit-splitting hardcore, technical metal, and hooky alternative.

Generating seven million streams to-date, and receiving acclaim from Alternative Press, Rock Sound, Loudwire and more, the group's 2020 full-length debut floods the game with a fresh fire as it tosses and turns amidst emotional extremes.

Signing to Mascot, they expand The World Is In Your Way with two anthems. "Feel It" spirals from nostalgic verses into a hypnotic hook—"I want to feel it again." "It encompasses the first time you heard a song, saw a movie, kissed, fucked, or loved somebody," Tony reveals. "That changes over time. Strong attraction eventually wears off. However, you still want the tingles you got when you first held somebody's hand. You're looking for that feeling once more. It resonates with everything."

On "Just Like Me," the vocals teeter between guttural screams and a sing-song chant. "In my life, I'm in a never-ending struggle to stand out or fit in," he admits. "Sometimes, I'm just tired of being myself. You have no control of the consciousness inside of your body. It's easy to slip up and give the body what it wants with addictions, while the mind is like, 'Why the fuck are you doing this?' It's about my personality and how I act towards people I care about."


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To download the album art, right click on the image and choose save image as.
To download the album art, right click on the image and choose save image as.


  1. The Real You
  2. Hypochondria
  3. Roots
  4. Here For War
  5. Instability
  6. Chelsea
  7. Covered In Sin
  8. Riot
  9. The Hardest Drug
  10. Feel It
  11. Just Like Me

 Album info:

Release date: 13 November 2020

Available Formats:
CD, Limited Edition Clear base/Green Splatter LP and Digital


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Photo credit: Sara Lindsey Photography