Vandenberg’s MoonKings return with their new record ‘Rugged and Unplugged’ which will be released on 2 November in the Benelux and 23 November 2018 in the rest of the world via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group.


‘Rugged and Unplugged’ is a beautifully stripped back acoustic album which features songs from across Adrian Vandenberg’s career.  From his first band Teaser as a 20 year old he has always used an acoustic guitar in his recordings, which along with the electric guitar creates the light and shade dynamic that is the cornerstone to all of his records.


“For me, the sign of whether a song is good or not, is whether it still stands up when it's completely stripped down to the bare essence of it,” says Vandenberg. He continues, “What I find with acoustic versions of songs you already know, is that they can touch you in a different way than the full band and even orchestral versions. You don't get 'impressed' by big guitars, drums and even orchestras. As a performer you can't hide behind all that, so what's left is the emotional content of the performance and the actual song.”

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To download the album art, right click on the image and choose save image as.
To download the album art, right click on the image and choose save image as.


  1. What Doesn't Kill You
  2. Sailing Ships
  3. Out Of Reach
  4. One Step Behind
  5. Burning Heart
  6. Walk Away
  7. Breathing
  8. Sundown

Album info:

Release date Benelux: 2 November, 2018
Release date Rest of World: 23 November, 2018

Available formats:
Standard 1LP, CD and Digital

Additional info:

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